What We Do

What We Do at Image Associates

Image Associates is a highly regarded professional media consulting, video production and photography firm that utilizes some of the most experienced and savvy talent available, fully familiar with the latest technology, trends and techniques.

Our group of associates includes people with extensive media backgrounds and with expertise in the areas of media management, community relations and political campaigns. Among these associates are people with senior level experience at The Los Angeles Times, NBC News, CBS News, CNN, ABC News, The Washington Post and elsewhere. Most also have agency experience. We provide professional, savvy media management, including the production of video and radio materials, commercials, web streaming and support materials. Our editing facilities are state of the art. On the political level, we have experience ranging from local to presidential. We also are highly rated for our media training program.

As a group, we do believe that smaller, smarter and more efficient is better than bigger and more expensive. Image Associates consists solely of senior people. No work gets farmed out to interns or inexperienced staff. You get what you pay for.

We have associates with whom we work closely in Sacramento, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., as well as in Los Angeles and can call on a wide range of talents in several locations across the country. We also have excellent Spanish Language capability.

Why Choose Us

Consulting Image Associates' consulting team is unique in that it is built around experts who have media experience at the top levels of network news operations, as correspondents, producers, editors, etc ...
Photography Image Associates may be best known for its widely published outdoor, nature, landscape and wildlife photography and fine art printing of those images. However, we also have delivered still photos for commercial clients, political campaigns, non-profit organizations and celebrity events.
Video Production Image Associates' media production team is skilled and providing video for broadcast or the internet or both, including music performances. Our editing facility partners use state of the art technology and can deliver what ever a client may need.