Of Presidents and Predators

Of Presidents & Predators charts Dan Blackburn’s 50 years of covering presidents, presidential hopefuls and other political figures as well as his adventures as a photographer catching images of mountain lions, polar bears, grizzly bears and others. It also includes his involvement with major figures in the world of music.

The book’s forward is written by renowned syndicated political columnist Jules Witcover and the book’s blurb is written by singer Linda Ronstadt. The well written book is a really good read with insights into the world of journalism.


Of Presidents & Predators tells the story of a young journalist who grew up in Indiana cheering for the Chicago Cubs and admiring the reporting of Chet Huntley and David Brinkley on NBC. It touches on the highlights of covering the White House and Capitol Hill as a young journalist through the tragically brief presidential campaign of his friend Robert Kennedy and some of the presidential campaigns of other White House hopefuls in the days before chaos became the top word of the political scene. Interspersed with reporting on environmental issues and the space program, this book includes insights into many political figures and an inside look into the entertainment world including his long friendship with singer Linda Ronstadt, songwriter John David Souther and others on the California scene.



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