Good photos make great prints.

Good photos make great prints. Photography has changed quite a bit since the advent of digital cameras replacing film cameras.


With Raw or DNG digital files, software programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom and some add-ons, good photos can be tweaked to look better than the older analog pictures. That was clearly the case with the metal prints that we examined. We think that metal and acrylic prints now offer remarkable reproduction that is more crisp and shows more detail.


Of course, we also can deliver prints on a wide range of fine art papers designed specifically for today’s digital imaging. These papers also are of much better quality than their predecessors.While we deeply admire the work of Ansel Adams, just think about the awesome work he would be delivering today. Our good friends Galen Rowell, who died tragically, and George Lepp have exemplified what can be accomplished today.


We specialize in landscape, wildlife and scenic photography with a strong emphasis on the western United States including Alaska and Hawaii. We welcome you on our photographic journey.


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